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From: KKHere
Subject: Growing Up in India - 1DISCLAIMER:
The following contains sexually explicit material portraying minors in
sexual situations. If you find this objectionable please do not read.
The story is based on my own experiences though free russian illegal movie the names of the
people involved have been changed.Copyright 2003 All Rights reserved.
This story may not be distributed or republished without the consent
of the author.Growing Up in India --- Part 1 (B/B Incest)
Hi, I am a guy from India. This is the story of some of the adventures
of my life as a gay guy growing up in India. I am 23 now, just about
to graduate from college, 5'5", 60 kgs, 29" waist, average build, not
drop dead gorgeous but good looking enough for and Indian guy.My first time free russian porno mpegs was in the summer of 1992. I was 12 years old about to
be 13 in russian girls sexi 3 months. I was visiting my relatives in Lucknow. Their son,
Roop, my second cousin, was 16 then. I usually hung around with him
while I was there. His sister was 18 and was too old for me and his
brother was 8 which was a year younger than my brother. So it was
usually the two younger guys together, the two older guys in russian girls scat another
team and that left Didi alone as she liked. I had started noticing
that Roop looked quite good and that I always wanted to be near
him. It was a sort of crush I had on him. He used to work out in russian nude escorts
a gym
and russian erotic jpg had a very nice body.One day during this visit I was hanging around in his room as I
usually did while he was gone to the gym for his three days a week
workout session. I was looking through some books he had and in the
cupboard where he kept them I found a box in the bottom most russian nude 13 y.o. shelf
where no one would notice it. It had old newspapers piled in
it. Somehow I was intrigued about it lying there and looked in
it. Under a few Times free russian petite pics of India issues and a couple of copies of a
Hindi daily there were hot russian women vids things I never imagined would be there. The box
was full of cuttings and pictures of nude and semi nude guys. Guys
having oral sex, anal sex and what not.I was shocked and completely out of it until I heard someone coming
towards the room and before I could stow the thing back where it was,
Roop was standing in the doorway and both of us froze.Roop was due back from the gym about this time but I had been so
engrossed in the material I had just discovered that I had completely
forgotten the time. I got out of the initial shock and started to
stutter something when Roop came and yanked the box out of my hands
and stowed it where it was, closed and locked the cupboard."I am sorry, but I just stumbled upon it. I did not mean to pry on you
or nudist kids russian
anything." I managed to squeak."Hmm." he said and went into the adjoining bathroom.I heard the russian girl slips shower run and relaxed a bit. I tried to think what was I
going to tell Roop when he came back after his shower. I really felt
miserable. I did not want him to start disliking me.The shower stopped and he came out wearing a towel about his waist and
sat down on the bed. I wanted to say something to stop feeling so
miserable but he beat me to it."So what did you see in the box?" he asked."Nothing much. Just a few pictures and cuttings. russian grls preten I was just wondering
about what they were doing in them.""What do you think they were doing?""Having sex." I offered sheepishly. Of course I had heard about sex
and all."So what do you think about it?" he continued the spanish inquisition."Nothing. I thought they were hot.""Do you know that guys are supposed to have sex with girls?" he asked."Yes. But whatever they were doing in those pictures seemed very much
like sex and so I was a bit confused, but I think I like this." I
offered."You like this! What do you know about it at all?" he sounded amused."Well, I thought you would tell me." I said trying to sound as
hopeful as I can be.He smiled and then broke into a bit of a laugh."Ok, I will tell you but you have to promise that whatever happens in
this room stays here. No one should ever come to know about it.""I promise." I smiled the broadest smile I could."Do you like my body?" he asked, fondling his toned pecks."Yeah I sure do." I said hungrily."Come here and touch it." he said.I went to him and sat beside him on the bed and touched his chest
lightly. I felt a tingle in my shorts and continued to touch his pecks
and nipples. He moved and lied down on the bed and pulled me beside
him."Touch whatever you like and do whatever you want, just top russian naked girls don't hurt
me." he said and put both of my hands on his chest and stomach.I was crouching over his body and rubbing his pecks and abdomen and
his belly russian family fuck button. He spread his legs a bit and so the towel that was
around his waist came loose and I was tempted to explore under it.I could see a slight bulge in the towel where his penis should be. I
slowly moved the towel aside and saw his semi hard penis sticking
outwards.He asked me to take my shirt and shorts off. I did and we were there
on the bed naked together. I touched his now hard dick and he
gasped. My own dick was completely hard by now. He put his russian 3yo nude hand on it
and I felt like I was in heaven. He stroked the foreskin of my dick
slowly and said I should do likewise to him.We russian women online stroked each other and I continued to play with his pecks with one
hand. He then grabbed my head with his other hand and pulled it
towards his own and then bent up and kissed on my lips. I liked it a
lot and kissed him back on his lips and our tongues met. We continued
kissing and stroking each 12yr old russian
other for some time until he suddenly
grabbed my head even more tightly and became rigid and groaned in my
mouth.After some time he went limp and I turned and saw some drops of white
stuff on his abdomen. He said it was semen and that he would tell me
about it later, but now he just pulled my head to him again and kissed
me again very deeply and then increased his pace of stroking my dick.In a short while I started to have this tingly feeling at the base of
my dick and it spread all over my body and I jerked involuntarily. I
felt so good that I had not felt in my life ever. Soon it was over and
I looked down to see that the head of my dick was slightly wet and
some clear liquid had flowed through it."Did I pee?" I asked Roop."No you orgasmed. That stuff was some of what is contained in
semen. Soon it will be white and then you will be able to make
babies." he laughed.I was confused but then we heard Didi's voice telling us to come down
for dinner.Thats the first experience. There were many more, russian kids nudes but they are for
another time.----I would like your comment on the story.

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